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“The Spark of Creation” – Children of Eden

2 Sep

Many people have been asking me lately when I will be publishing my next blog post. It has been a while since the last post was all about the twins turning one back in April. I figured I should let everyone know why I have been on hiatus and also get the word out there about my “spark of creation.”

For several months now I have been struggling with the decision to either continue writing my blog on a regular basis or to stop and focus on a huge goal that I have had my eye on. I wish I did not have to choose and could do both, but being a mother of twins and working full time gives me limits with my spare time. So, I have decided to stop writing my blog (for now), and start developing my story to publish a book!

I always felt so interrupted in a way when I have been writing my blog posts since they can’t be too long due to internet blog etiquette. I have aimed at keeping each post to about 1,000 words or less and trust me, there has been so much more that could have been written and expanded upon. Knowing how much my words have helped other moms on bed rest or in similar situations, I feel that I need to get the entire story out there and make it available to everyone that is interested. I have been doing my homework and for me to expand Broadway Babies into a full-fledged book, I will be taking the roughly 30,000 words I already have written and expanding it to over 80,000 words! Like I said, there is a lot of material that has not yet been revealed about what I have been through. This blog just starts to scratch the surface of what the book will contain.

The next step for me at this point while I am in the process of writing those extra 50,000 words is to find an agent and/or publisher. If anyone reading this knows of someone in their network or happens to be an agent or publisher, I have my query letter ready to be submitted so please get in touch with me. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a huge supporter of Broadway Babies and has continued to read and share my story.

*The song “The Spark of Creation” is from the 1991 West End musical Children of Eden which was written by Stephen Schwartz who also wrote Wicked and Godspell, among many other amazing musicals. This show actually never made it to Broadway or even Off-Broadway but has continued to be one of the most licensed shows with productions happening all over the world. The most famous production was in 1997 at the Paper Mill Playhouse where the show was revised with additional songs, etc. The show is based on the Book of Genesis and Eve is the character who sings “The Spark of Creation.” She has a hunger for greatness and the unknown possibilities of creation. Whenever I listen to this song, it inspires me to pursue my dream of becoming a published writer. This dream is something that my mother wanted more than anything for herself and never got to see happen in her lifetime. She wrote thousands of poems, children’s books, and even a complete musical but was not able to get to the finish line since she got so sick. I’m going to make you proud Mom since that “spark of creation is burning bright within me.” Let there be!

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The two best things we have ever created!

The two best things we have ever created!

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